I write this update while sitting on a flight up to the first play-off event in Fort Wayne, Indiana. I apologize to those trying to follow progress through my website for not giving you a closer look into what has been going on throughout the year. To be honest, I haven’t had many good things to share this year. Besides a couple good events in Indiana and Utah, I haven’t played well. Actually let me rephrase that, I have played well all year just haven’t scored well.

I think this flight, which is 2hrs late, is a microcosm of my year. As it stands right now I will miss my connection by about 20 mins and that’s what this whole year has been, close but missing something. Going into every week I have felt my game was good enough to win. There hasn’t been a week I was “searching” for something or felt my game wasn’t in top form.

The goal of my practice sessions is to leave with a feeling that I can perform any shot at any time the following day. It was a rarity this year not to have that. I have felt more comfortable with my game every week this year than in any other year in the past and to have so few results to show for it has been a major disappointment. I have started to have some better results the last month or so and I’ve been searching as to why that could be, because my game doesn’t feel any better now then it did at the beginning of the year.

One of the main reasons, possibly the only one, I believe I have been able to score better these past few events has been a change in attitude. Going back to last year and seeing how close I came to acquiring my PGA Tour card, I found myself adding extra pressure on myself to perform this year. Knowing I had the game to compete on the PGA Tour I felt there was no reason I couldn’t go out and secure a PGA Tour card early in the web.com season. As most people know I can be quite fiery on the golf course and I believe this got the best of me at times early in the season. I expected myself to be near the top every week and when that didn’t happen I became increasingly frustrated.

What has changed you ask? Well I have tried to transfer the same attitude I have about life onto the golf course. Simply put, its just to have more fun, to enjoy my time out there and to realize I’m not going to be perfect. I am going to make mistakes, I am going to hit bad shots but to not let it bother me just like I don’t let a delayed flight bother me. I still get frustrated and upset with myself but I believe it to be in a different way. I am starting to have fun again and I think that’s the single reason why I have played better. Now I didn’t end my season with a great performance in Omaha and as I previously mentioned this year has been a huge disappointment. BUT, the new system put in place for this year offers up a fresh restart with 4 events remaining to determine whether or not I am able to play the PGA Tour next year. It doesn’t matter if you finished 26th or 75th at this point on the money list, everyone has an equal shot of getting 1 of the 25 cards up for grabs in the play-offs.

I am excited for this new opportunity and the chance to play for my PGA Tour card. Finishing in the top 75 gives me full status for next years web.com season and I’ve got 4 events to improve upon that. I am going to take this new found attitude into the play-offs, have some fun, give it my best and see what happens. Tour card or not I will leave the Tour Championship a better player. Oh, and I will be taking a play-off beard with me as well….

A quick shout out to my sponsors Callaway Golf, Belfor Restoration Services, Wellington Financial, Shaw Communications and Oakley eyewear. Your support throughout the year is fantastic and its been a privilege to represent your brands throughout the 2013 year. Everyone who has sent tweets, messages, emails, letters I appreciate your support as well.

Big things are coming and I can’t wait to share it with everyone!!