Feeling the Pressure

I haven’t played a full year on the PGA Tour and this is sort of a one-off week for me to come up here and enjoy the experience.

Yeah, I’d love to play well. I’d love for my game to be in excellent shape coming in, but outside of 2011 (when he tied for fourth), it really hasn’t been that good coming into the Canadian Open and I’ve struggled a little bit the last few years.

You know, it is very difficult. It’s a much bigger week, obviously, being Canadian and this year, playing well coming into it, a little bit more exposure. Going into 2011 nobody knew who I was. I did no media sessions beforehand. I’m a little surprised you guys asked me here today, but you can feel a little bit more of a pressure being put on you.

They want you to win. They want you to succeed. They want you to do well, but it’s just going out on the golf course and finding a rhythm and having a chance coming down that back nine on Sunday.

Emphasis On Short Game Practice

Right now it’s like 95/5. The work that I do swing-wise is almost done at home in a mirror, just some swings to make sure everything is on plane. I’ve hit it really well all year. The weeks that I play well I usually putt better. That’s pretty much it.

Most of my work is on the putting green, on the chipping green and I think the biggest thing is if I have got the confidence, no matter where I hit it up and around the greens, if I can get myself up and down, if I am putting well and my speed is good, then it just doesn’t matter really how I hit it.

I’m always going to hit it pretty good. I’ve always been able to do that, but I just haven’t made enough putts in my career yet and that’s why I’m where I’m at and that’s why this year, I’ve been better. I’ve made putts. That’s the biggest difference for me.

Playing The Olympics
“I’m sure it’s an experience that nobody could ever describe, that nobody would ever be able to describe to anybody else that hasn’t experienced it.
It’s just one of those  you know, I would probably cry at opening ceremonies, hearing the national anthem or something like that, and being with that group of athletes that has worked so hard and that they’re at the top of their level of what they do, and this is the peak of sports really.

I mean, worldwide, everybody is watching and to be able to compete on that level with every other athlete from Canada in sort of one big group, and you all do different sports, individual or team sports, but you’re all one nation for that week and you’re all together and cheering each other on.

It would be an experience of a lifetime.”

SOURCE: http://www.golfnewsnow.ca/news-now/rbc-canadian-open-adam-hadwin-discusses/