An update on here is definitely overdue so I figure what better way to pass the time on the plane. I have to say, playing 6 weeks in a row is much more difficult than I could have expected. It has been a grind mentally, physically and it hasn’t helped that I missed 4 of 6 cuts. My entire year has consisted of this. I either play well and contend, or I play poorly and miss the cut.

Coming off a missed cut at the Canadian Open where I opened with a great round, I found some game in Omaha and played my way into the final group. I held my own, played well but finished 3rd after a 66 sunday. Most tours that would be good enough to win but when a guy shoots 60 and another guy shoots 62 it becomes tougher.

Mojo was good but i proceeded to miss the next 2 cuts in springfield and kansas city. I took a different attitude into knoxville and again played well. I wasn’t able to get any momentum over the weekend and thanks to two chip-ins in the final 2 holes i was able to salvage a top-10 finish. I felt good heading to this weeks event in pittsburgh but struggled when I got on the course. I battled hard both days and up until the 34th I had a great shot at getting inside the cut. One bad tee shot put to waste all of the effort I had put in.

I think that hole really characterizes my year so far. I am so close to playing well most rounds, but one bad shot, one bad hole and it seems to derail any chance I have of posting a good round. Even when I have good rounds going ( I was -6 through 14 in knoxville) I seem to falter coming in. I have wasted more shots this year than any previous year and it has cost me being inside the top-25 number right now. It is extremely frustrating to play like this because I feel I used to be much more consistent whereas this year its either in contention or missing the cut.

I am looking forward to this much needed week off at home visiting family and friends. Time to asses what has happened thus far, get prepared for this next stretch and finish the year strong. We still have 6 events before the tour championship which is more than enough time to secure a PGA Tour card for next year. Its going to take some work, but I have never been one to shy away a challenge. If I play to my potential I have shown in my 17 events that I have the game to win on this tour.

A quick shout-out to my sponsors Callaway Golf, Belfor Restoration Services, Wellington Financial, RBC and Oakley for their support. I am also thankful for my relationship with the Vancouver Canucks. I wouldn’t be where I am without them and I am proud to represent each one of them!